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The Guardian: "Everyone loses out when corporate governance falls by the wayside" (we know that at Brent Cross Cricklewood, don't we?)

"Companies that put shareholders first disregard their impact on others, as the Deepwater Horizon disaster demonstrates"

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"Many companies, particularly smaller ones, will tell you they exist for their employees and customers, as much as for shareholder gains. Yet those who want to serve a wider base of stakeholders may find themselves hamstrung by a legal system that appears to put shareholder interests centre stage. For all their willingness to do good, is it not the primary duty of company directors to create value for shareholders?

"... But campaigners for a different kind of capitalism say it does not have to be this way. A growing movement is putting forward a new model, where directors answer to a range of stakeholders, such as employees and the environment, not just investors. Those pushing for change may dare to hope their calls will be answered now that Theresa May is vowing tackle corporate irresponsibility and 'reform capitalism so that it works for everyone not just the privileged few'.

"The good news for the prime minister is that a simple amendment to company law could make a big difference."

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