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The Guardian: "Our roads are choked. We’re on the verge of carmageddon"

"Car use takes a huge toll on our health and on the planet. We need to kick our addiction to driving"

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"It was a mistake – a monumental, world-class mistake. 'Cars for everyone' was one of the most stupid promises politicians ever made. Cars are meant to meet a simple need: quick and efficient mobility.

"Observe an urban artery during the school run, or a trunk road on a bank holiday weekend, and ask yourself whether the current system meets that need. The vast expanse of road space, the massive investment in metal and fossil fuel, has delivered the freedom to sit fuming in a toxic cloud as your life ticks by.

"The primary aim has become snarled up with other, implicit objectives: the sense of autonomy, the desire for self-expression through the configuration of metal and plastic you drive, and the demand for profit by car manufacturers and fossil fuel producers whose lobbying keeps us on the road rather than moving along it."

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