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Brent Cross's Doppleganger Site: Barnet Times: "A406 junction could host waste processing plant"

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"The application has been drawn up in conjunction with Barnet Council, ... and the authority would consider suggestions made which would improve the project.

"The NLWA will then apply to Haringey Council, which has jurisdiction over the site, for planning permission."

[We notice:

"The authority estimates around 560 trucks will go in and out of the plant each working day, predominantly using the A406, Orion Road and Pegasus Way for access."

We say: 
What's that, then? One truck every minute or so, during the day?
So how many at Brent Cross Cricklewood on the A5 Edgware Road/Humber Road, then?]

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  1. Pinkham Way Recycle Centre but could it be an incinerator site - may be. The Conservative news letter said it was to be! The Colney Hatch Lane / NCR traffic is already a nightmare causing traffic chaos throughout Friern Barnet. Barnet wanted the NCR improvement to be much larger they know the traffic will increase exponentially and they obviously want to help it grind to a holt. The lights at Station Road and the two lane bridge section will still act as a pinch point. We all know the NCR will not solve the problems at th junction and Barnet along with NLWA want to add to it. Have they really done there homework on traffic pollution. How do they think people living in the area will vote next time round. Planning approval has to be granted by Haringey though its largely Barnet residents who will suffer from the traffic. What a flanker Barnet Council has worked on its resident living in the area.