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Hendon Waste Transfer - moving from the east to the west of the railway

Link to 2003 NLWA document

"The North London Waste Authority is working ... to identify the facilities that will be required to ensure that statutory requirements for diversion from landfill are met. This strategic framework is now nearing completion [in 2003!], at which point a North London Waste Local Plan will be needed to identify the actual locations of the facilities identified within the strategy. Experience elsewhere suggests that the development of a Waste Local Plan, will take a minimum of two years further to complete."

Late news, just in:

There seems an intention to transport ALL the 'Solid Recovered Fuel' from the seven north London boroughs, by lorry along the North Circular Road, to Brent Cross (to add to any SRF produced at Brent Cross itself). That is, all the SRF produced at Pinkham Way and at the current Edmonton incinerator site (and anywhere else).

Just thought you'd like to know. Carry on.

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