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Institutes for Fiscal Studies and Employment Research: "Who Gains from Growth? Living Standards to 2020"

Link to 'Resolution Foundation' web site
taken up by Financial Times (behind its pay wall)
and The Observer (below)

"Living standards for Britain’s low and middle income households will be lower in 2020 than they were a decade earlier, even if growth returns. Households in this group are set for income falls of between 3 and 15 percent from 2008 to 2020.

" 'Who Gains from Growth?' examines the changing structure of the UK jobs market in tandem with the effects of the tax and benefit system. It produces the most sophisticated modelling yet of the prospects for low to middle income households in the recovery."

Link to The Observer
The Observer:
"Living standards report shows bleak future of a divided Britain"

"Living standards for low- and middle-income households will fall until 2020, even if the country enters a golden period of steady economic growth, according to an incendiary analysis of deepening income inequality in Britain.

"The independent study, carried out for the Resolution Foundation by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Institute for Employment Research, paints a stark picture of a nation increasingly polarised between a poorer half whose incomes are set to fall, and a top half whose living standards will continue to rise."

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