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Vole O'Speed: "The red tape that strangles cycling provision"

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"... It seems from statements by government ministers, that there is a problem with [infrastructure] investment, aside from whether we can afford it or not: 'red tape'. 

"It suddenly seems to be the idea of the moment that 'red tape' needs to be swept away, to allow government, in collaboration with the private sector, to build the infrastructure that we need. According to George Osborne today, the planning system is too cumbersome, and it is getting in the way.

"In fact, I agree with this, but on, I suspect, completely different grounds to the ministers who have been talking about it. The kinds of projects I am thinking about are quite different. 

"I am thinking not about a new runway for Heathrow, but about modest changes to the streets of London. But these things are all related. Let's face it, if we can't get kerbs and signs right, what chance have we with airports and high speed rail?"

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