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Mon 17 - Fri 21 Sep: Barnet and Hammerson's Nemesis and Hypocrisy (as a sponsor): "Green Sky Thinking Week"

Link to Green Sky Thinking web site

"Open-City's Green Sky Thinking Week is a London-wide programme for built environment and property professionals highlighting new thinking and practice in how to 'design in' sustainability, from 17 to 21 Sept 2012.

"Sustainability-focused B2B events hosted by leading companies, practices and public sector organisations will be taking place across London. Programme listings are available now here. Advance booking for each event is essential as spaces are strictly limited.

"Open-City’s Green Sky Thinking Week 2012 gives an inside view from top experts, industry leaders and collaborative teams of how we could move towards successfully ‘greening’ entire districts and neighbourhoods, as well as buildings, to inform better decision-making.

"To give a true picture of how professionals are leading the transformation to a greener built environment for the capital, we will also be creating a map of sustainable London highlighting key projects, communities and planned development."


"Events exploring future concepts and solutions for a sustainable city, and sustainability in practice" 
As an example:
The Glass-House Community Led Design
 ‘Future Cities: A Collective Vision’

Wednesday 19 Sept, 8.30am –10.00am

This interactive workshop explores how we collaborate towards change in our cities

and develop a collective vision of communities, considering questions like:
How do changes to an area impact how the place works?
Do we favour organic growth, or large-scale regeneration?
What are the implications in each case?
Supported by examples of Glass-House projects, this playful start to your day
will increase your understanding of the spatial complexities of urban placemaking,
and how these contribute to developing sustainable communities.

Location: Second Floor, 29-31 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DR

To book:
Website: www.theglasshouse.org.uk
Twitter: @GlassHouseCLD

"Events and activities exploring how we can adapt the city to continuous change"
As an example:
Marks Barfield Architects
 'Green Retrofit'

Tuesday 18 Sept, 8.15am for 8.30am start – 9.30am

Presentation & Q&A on the challenge of reducing carbon emissions

in the context of updating the UK’s ageing housing stock.
Priory Grove is a 150-year-old family home within a Conservation Area
transformed with a contemporary extension for the 21st Century
achieving a one-third reduction in carbon emissions.

Location: Marks Barfield Architects, 50 Bromells Road, SW4 0BG

To book:
green@open-city.org.uk (20 places)
Website: www.marksbarfield.com
Twitter: @MarksBarfield

"Events and activities exploring the wider issues relating to a sustainable city - including public realm, infrastructure and energy" 
As an example:
Ash Sakula Architects
 ‘Adaptable Neighbourhoods and Friends’

Monday 17 Sept, 5.30pm – 9.00pm

Adaptable Neighbourhoods Think Tank:
eating, drinking, drawing and gaming designed to shake up ideas
on greener, richer, more friendly neighbourhoods.
A fresh way of thinking about our cities is needed, that harnesses the potential
of our existing buildings, communities and businesses.
We can build upon these assets to create resilient, vibrant towns and cities.
Big change does not always require large investment.
Thinking creatively and working with what you have can be transformative.
Finding, facilitating and harnessing the grass-roots energy of these
'adaptable neighbourhoods' provides an efficient means to rapidly
initiate regeneration without large, singular capital injections.
We are testing these concepts at three scales,
that of the street, the market and the city.
These projects are live, ongoing and all completely
dependant on working directly with communities.

Location: Ash Sakula Architects, 5 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8HX

To book: adaptable@ashsak.com (40 places)
Website: http://adaptableneighbourhoods.com

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