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[Reposted from April 2013] Centre for Cities: "Is London destined to fail in its battle to meet transport demand?"

March 2014 addition (GLA data):

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"It is only twenty years since London’s population began to pull out of a fifty-year decline, and future growth should not be taken for granted.

Transport congestion is one of a number of factors, alongside high house prices and rents and the future type and location of jobs, threatening quality of life in the capital.  London will not thrive unless it can manage the impact of growth as well as enjoying the rewards, keeping the capital an attractive and practical place to do business.

Over the next few weeks Centre for Cities will be holding a series of invitation-only seminars, hosted by Addleshaw Goddard, to explore the most urgent issues facing the London economy including the future of London’s transport.  We will be reporting the results of our debates in July.

Anyone who has commuted regularly in London over the last decade will tell you that the tube, the trains and the buses have never felt so crowded, and recent Transport for London figures suggest they are absolutely right."

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