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Evening Standard: "Inferior high-rises are trashing London's skyline." (Could that refer to Hammerson and 'AfterHammersonclearsoff', at Brent Cross?)

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"In the most significant intervention in the Skyline campaign to improve the design and planning of the capital’s tall buildings, former City of London planning officer Peter Rees warned of a 'wave' of poorly designed residential towers built for maximum profit.

"Mr Rees, who spent 29 years shaping the City’s skyline, ... claimed that planning authorities were 'trapped' by ill-founded housing targets and a desperate need to secure payments to balance their budgets. He called on them to look instead to the best examples of high-density and mid-rise housing. He said:
"Residential towers do not achieve high densities, and leave unusable space on the sites which they do not fill. Those of us who feel passionate about the form and future of our amazing city are sad to see it being trashed."

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