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Broken Barnet: Question from Councillor Brian Coleman about the Re/Capita jolly to 'le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier'. (That's abroad, you know.)

Brian had one or two questions.
"Following revelations that Haringey Council spent £16,000 in Cannes, did Barnet Council have any involvement in MIPIM - or, as he explained, with a commendable grasp of French - Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier.

"Mrs Angry was not entirely certain he know what it meant, but our Brian was clearly fuming he wasn't asked, as indeed was Mrs Angry, who could do with a trip to Cannes. (Any offers, please DM. Mrs Angry is happy to pretend to be your wife, if necessary. Not yours, Brian, obviously: no offence).

"Anyway, yes, someone from the new Barnet-Crapita Joint Venture 'Re' went - no, not, as you might think, to 'Re'lax in the south of France and drink champagne on a yacht, but to ... what was it ...
to ... dum di dum,

... where is it? ...
ah! ...
to publicise the opportunity
... erm, for
... ah,
potential partners for the
Brent Cross South Development. [given that 'here for the long term' Hammerson is giving up.]

"Mmm. Bound to be shedloads of those hanging about the Croisette, desperate for a chance to flog a penthouse view of the North Circular, and easy access to Staples Corner.

"Oh: the officer from Re was 'supported' by 'a member of Capita who is assisting with the procurement activities for this project'.

"We are told: Another Capita representative attended in a business development capacity, to promote Re and its service across London.

"Why? This was a jolly aimed at property developers, wasn't it?

Video of guest speaker at MIPM,
London Mayor Boris Johnson:

"... And then: All costs incurred in undertaking the above were met by Re and Capita. Well, yes: so costs of this trip to the Riviera were at least in part-paid for by us, the taxpayers of Broken Barnet.

"On to the business items. But first a brief statement from Labour leader Alison Moore about a matter that was exciting the Tory councillors, and of course Brian, the non-aligned member, beside himself with glee at the opportunity to distract attention from the story of his [LB of Barnet] laptop, and all the open speculation that has been swirling around the borough in regard to the circumstances behind its 'disposal'...

"... At this point in the proceedings, the doors to the public gallery opened, and a woman entered with a young boy in a wheelchair. He clearly has severe disabilities, and, as his mother, who sat next to Mrs Angry, explained, he is a pupil at Mapledown School, the school near Brent Cross, which is facing cuts in budget from the council."

[Source: Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet.]

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