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Saving Our Welsh Harp - from Barnet Council

A new illustrated history of the Welsh Harp Reservoir, written by Wembley History Society member Philip Grant for Brent Archives, is available on the 'Save the Welsh Harp' web site.

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 "The 1873 map shows the Brent Reservoir when it extended that far
(the water would have covered much of the present day
Brent Cross Shopping Centre, and Sainsbury’s at West Hendon
on the northern arm)."

"Recent decades have seen increasing pressure for development, and the Welsh Harp Conservation Group [link below] was set up in 1972 to look after the reservoir and areas around it. The Group has undertaken practical work to improve habitats, encouraging a wide variety of birds and other wildlife to visit.
"Their work has helped to highlight how valuable the reservoir is for both people and the natural environment, but there are still big challenges ahead, to stop inappropriate schemes such as the proposed waterside high-rise flats in West Hendon."

Link to
'Welsh Harp Conservation Group'

Link to WHCG 2012 report

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