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"The London Overground: a fast track to property profit"

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"The Overground was completed towards the end of last year, when Surrey Quays and Queen's Road Peckham were linked to Clapham Junction. The £76m project, which created a new orbital, was the final stage in a process that has seen London's rail routes rebranded and radically improved over the past six years. 

"Where there used to be many different lines, there is now one clearly defined service. Trains around the orbital, and on its arms to places such as Richmond, Stratford and West Croydon, are more frequent and more comfortable. Property investors are taking notice.

"Historically, it has been easy to cross London from north to south or east to west, but much harder to get around the corners, as anyone who has tried to get from Queen's Park to Islington, or Clapham to Canary Wharf will know all too well. Although the change might have slipped under many Londoners' radar, those in the know are fully aware of how significant the new line is."

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