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"Stonegrove Estate Barnet resident worried she will have 'nowhere to go' when home is bulldozed" (Shades of Things to Come, for Brent Cross Whitefield Estate?)

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"An Edgware woman is worried she will have nowhere to go, when her block of flats is bulldozed during the regeneration of her estate.

"Sarahellen Warren, who has lived on the Stonegrove Estate in Edgware for over 20 years, claims she has been overlooked by Barnet Borough Council and Barratt Homes, after other leaseholders were offered houses in the new development. 

"She said:
"I have lived on the estate all my adult life, and have had to deal with the fact I’m going to lose my home. I have been a leaseholder for 20 years, but I have not been offered the option of moving into a flat into one of the new buildings going up."

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