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As the Brent Cross developers extend their planning permission to include "demolition", is Brent Cross Shopping Centre worth Grade 2 listing? (Er, no.)

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"... A 650-metre long white steel and mirror-glass temple to shopping, the Milton Keynes mall is one of the most recently listed projects in the show, receiving grade II status in 2010 – a move described as 'utter madness' by the British Property Federation.

"Its owners were furious at the decision, saying the listing would 'prevent evolution and growth' of a building they described as 'nondescript and characterless'. But in the eyes of English Heritage, the project represented a rare example of 'rigour, consistency, luminosity and user-friendliness'. [Please Sir, please Sir! Brent Cross is that!]

" 'There has been a general drift towards fussiness and bling, whereas we were just trying to make it clear and open,' says its architect Christopher Woodward, who hasn't been back to the building since 1982. 'I don't want to be upset. When people tell me what's happened, I have to put my hands over my ears and go "la la la"'." [That's what Barnet and Hammerson have done for the last decade at Brent Cross!]

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