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BBC: "guided busway 'good for the economy' but rail link would have been more attractive, transport minister said"

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"Norman Baker the transport minister yesterday officially opened the eight-mile (13.4km) mainly guided route, which runs along a stretch of old railway line.

"Mr Baker said:
"It's a very good day for the economy of the town.

I'll be astonished if this doesn't work, because this is going to cut journey times by half between Luton and Dunstable and it's going to be a regular, predictable service which won't be subject to traffic jams."
"When asked if a rail link would have been a more attractive alternative to the busway, he agreed, but added that was not the choice he faced on becoming a minister in 2010:
"The choice I had was either to agree to this and provide the £80m funding, or to cancel it.

It would have been detrimental to the town to have cancelled it and I think, having looked at it today, it will be beneficial to Luton, environmentally and economically."

Luton Today:
"VIDEO: Luton and Dunstable busway
officially opens"
Note: video advert beforehand may not have any audio level control

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