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Stewart Murray LIVES! - Hammerson: "Research reveals economic benefit of shopping centres"

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"Hammerson launches report on the true value of shopping centres and unveils new forecasting software that will aid employment opportunities and the design of new centres.

"Hammerson has for the first time undertaken a major piece of research to quantify the long term economic and socio-economic impacts of its shopping centres.

"... The report [was] launched this morning at a breakfast event, which will include debate on the findings from industry figures including Jeremy Collins, from leading department store John Lewis, Stewart Murray from the GLA [and late of this parish] and Jane Rexworthy from the National Skills Academy for Retail.

Which Stewie is which?
(and meet Brian as well)

Link to:
"[Hammerson and Westfield] Compulsory Purchase Orders
should be 'last resort' says [London] ... councillor"

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