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The Guardian: "London: less fun if you're young: Compared with their older counterparts, many young Londoners are finding life in the capital a struggle"

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"Earlier this year we learned that large numbers of Londoners think London is a good place to be young. We now discover that many younger Londoners aren't so sure.

"A detailed survey of 1000 inhabitants of the capital by researchers Britain Thinks found that younger Londoners are more likely to be stressed, angry and lonely than older counterparts and more pessimistic about the capital's future and its quality of life.

"Younger Londoners are gloomy about a range of important things. Most of those below the age of 44 consider that they have to make large sacrifices to live in London, especially the ones aged between 25 and 34, for whom the figure is 62%. By contrast, only 28% of the 55-64 age group feel the same way and a mere 14% of over-65s. Young people are more inclined to think that living in London entails accepting a lower quality of life than could be had elsewhere."

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