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Who can afford Fenwicks and John Lewis Brent Cross? BBC Hardtalk: "Economic Historian - Deirdre McCloskey"

"Is rising inequality the sickness that could yet kill capitalism? It's a debate currently raging in politics as well as economics.

"President Obama says income inequality is the defining challenge of our time. The influential American economist Deirdre McCloskey thinks that is to misunderstand 300 years of global growth and enrichment. She focuses on the enduring power of innovation, rather than wealth distribution.

"So is it ok for the rich to enjoy a party to which no one else is invited?"

The Spectator:
"Has Thomas Piketty met his match?
Well, I think I might have met his match.
She's called Deirdre McCloskey"

Washington Post:
"Piketty’s 'errors' aren’t mistakes:
They’re questions, and he answered them"

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