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[Reposted from Oct 2014] Politics.co.uk: "The pro-car lobby is trying to destroy London"

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"In 28 out of 32 London boroughs, motor vehicle traffic fell significantly over the past 13 years, with the biggest falls in central London.

"This shift was not an accident. It was a deliberate result of public policy.

"Under Ken Livingstone billions were spent on public transport in an attempt to get people out of their cars. Livingstone's combination of congestion charging and new transport connections was hugely successful. It was a remarkable achievement over a period when the number of people living in the capital boomed.

"The long consensus, pushed by road lobbyists and the government alike, that car use would continue to rise inexorably had been broken.

"This was a huge victory for those who wanted to make London a more liveable city. It was also a major threat to those whose financial interest lay in maintaining the status quo of putting more and more cars on the road.

"For some time it looked like the battle was being won. Sadly the current Conservative mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has decided to abandon this agenda."

The new John Lewis Brent Cross entrance!
(Just one part of Hammerson's promised
Spaghetti Junction at Brent Cross)

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