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Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet: "How the West was Won: the forgotten story of Hendon Waterside"

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"... Part of our borough, mostly on the western side, has been heavily targeted for 'regeneration', with massive development plans for Brent Cross-Cricklewood, Colindale, Grahame Park - and West Hendon.

"Nothing must stand in their way: any objections are brushed aside, or carefully managed.

"... That these developments are not regeneration, and will not provide a better quality of life for the residents of these areas, is demonstrated by the nature of the new schemes: the absence of social housing, the indifference shown for any reasonable definition of 'affordable' housing and - worse still - the eradication of entire communities within their boundaries. [This] policy really is nothing less than the living demonstration of a term, an accusation, that was once an exaggeration, but here in Broken Barnet has become reality: that is to say, the act of social cleansing."

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