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London Live: "Earl’s Court redevelopment met with protests"

"Earl’s Court Action Group is protesting what they call the 'über' redevelopment of Earl's Court.

The campaign group, made up of residents, businesses and environmentalists, say the development - and others like it - has been 'menacing' the capital and creating a glut of 'unaffordable, buy-to-leave "luxury" apartment' which exclude the majority of Londoners and only serve to make the housing market even more difficult for anyone but the super-rich.

The protest is being held to increase awareness of workers being priced out of the capital because of such building work and also the health concerns that accompany many development sites.

Campaigners took to the streets in August in a last ditch attempt to save the site.

Linda Wade, chairwoman of the Earl's Court Action Group, joined 'Wake Up London' to discuss the protest and to further explain the controversy surrounding developments like it across London."

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