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The Guardian: "London housing: the evicted children of Sweets Way"

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"Sweets Way, poignantly named, is a housing estate in one of the leafiest suburban fringes of north London. It used to be owned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) but has been sold to a private developer which intends to demolish the roughly 160 houses there. Until recently there were still some 60 tenants on the estate. During the past fortnight, the eviction of all but a handful of those remaining has taken place.

"Some of the now former Sweets Way residents had lived there for a long time, while others had been quite recently placed there temporarily by the council’s housing management company Barnet Homes and now find themselves on the move again. I don’t yet have the full story of Sweets Way. But what is absolutely plain is that the situation has subjected children who've been living there to great disruption, distress and uncertainty.

"... Council leader Richard Cornelius has defended the creation of 'new mixed areas' in the borough, and said that its temporary tenants are being found 'new places to live in the area'. Yet, as the film suggests, the process appears to have been far from smooth or painless."

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