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[Reposted] LB of Barnet: Transport Strategy up to 2035 (believe it or not)

(From the minutes of the meeting)

The Commissioning Director for Environment introduced the item and the intentions of the report. Following the consideration of the item the Committee:

Resolved to:

  • That the Environment Committee instruct the Commissioning Director for Environment to develop an overarching long-term Transport Strategy for the London Borough of Barnet
  • That the Environment Committee agreed the period of the strategy to 2035
  • That the Environment Committee noted the scope of the strategy which was outlined within the report
  • That the Environment Committee approved the formation the project board and an Elected Members cross party group.
The recommendations were unanimously agreed.

Link to Barnet Times

Leadership on Transport and Environmental Matters in LB of Barnet

"After Brian Coleman was ousted from his role as Totteridge councillor on Barnet Borough Council, the Times Series takes a look back at some of his most controversial moments."

"Formerly a Totteridge councillor, he received 265 votes in the May 2014 election – which those present at the count pointed out was fewer than the number of his Twitter followers.

"... In May 2012, he was sacked from Barnet Council's cabinet at a Conservative Party meeting and removed from his post as cabinet member for environment after voters deserted the politician at the polls in the GLA elections.

"When he was later booted out of his role as the chairman of the London Fire Authority, firefighters said they were 'pleased to see the back of him'.

"Months later, he sparked more outrage by describing people in the public gallery at a council meeting as 'the sad, the mad and a couple of hags'.

"The former GLA member was also hauled in front of the council’s standards committee following complaints about offensive e-mails."

Ham & High:

Video: Disgraced politician Brian Coleman urged to resign over assault of mum-of-two

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