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Daily Telegraph: "Colossus – the first ever programmable electronic computer was unveiled at Dollis Hill"

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"During the Second World War, Thomas 'Tommy' Flowers MBE, son of a bricklayer, was working as senior engineer for the General Post Office Engineering Department at its Research Station in Dollis Hill, north-west London. The GPO Engineering Department would eventually evolve into today's BT.

"In February 1941 he took a call from Alan Turing, the codebreaker at Bletchley Park. Turing needed a decoder for the 'relay-based Bombe machine' which he had developed to help decrypt the German Enigma codes.

"Although the project eventually folded, Turing was so impressed with Tommy that he introduced him to Max Newman, the man leading the wartime effort to break more sophisticated German ciphers, in particular the coded messages used by the central German High Command, which were created by the Lorenz encryption device."

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