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Jesus House at Brent Cross: The Guardian: "Pentecostal church looks to white Britons to boost congregations"

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"The 'Redeemed Christian Church of God' (RCCG), which already has almost 800 places of worship in the UK, plans to open another 100 next year, according to one of its leading pastors. 'We might not hit 100 but if we hit half that it will still be significant,' Agu Irukwu told the Guardian.

"... Irukwu, who grew up in Lagos, leads the biggest RCCG church, Jesus House in Brent Cross, north London, which regularly attracts more than 2,000 people to its Sunday services. He said:
"We believe this nation paid a big price in bringing the gospel to far-flung parts of the world. Many had given their lives to their cause and to establish missionary schools and hospitals.

I see myself as fruit of the missionary effort and missionary sacrifice. People like me feel we owe these missionaries – and by extrapolation, their country – for a lot that has happened to us.

... I feel a church has to be open, has to reach out to all the groups wherever that church is – exactly what the missionaries did. London, especially, is a multicultural melting pot, and if a church is in London it should aim to look like London."

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