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Michael Edwards: "Next London Plan: the embryo"

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"This post, which will be written over some days or weeks, is my notes as I read A City for all Londoners, published in late October 2016 as the Mayor of London's first airing of the policies and approaches he has in mind as the basis for the new 'London Plan', a draft of which is expected in the autumn of 2017. Previous mayors, so far as I recall, have called their equivalents 'Towards a London Plan'.

What I write here is personal, not the views of 'Just Space', nor of UCL, nor of the Queen of England. In the back of my mind as I read are the Community-led Plan for London documents which Just Space has been working on for 18 months, and in which I have played a small supporting role, mainly on economy.

"... My wry friend Robin, when we first looked at it, came to a page with a map and said, 'Oh look, no photo of the mayor.' He was spot on: this plan has something like 20 photos of the mayor. That is a world-class achievement."

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