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The Observer: "Very few of us voted for the intolerance now poisoning the national conversation"

"The hateful tone of post-Brexit rhetoric is damaging our society and our image abroad. The clean-up must start at the top"

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"This weekend marks four months since the country voted to leave the European Union and there is as yet no consensus on how we progress. We are a nation stuck in an impasse, where a language and culture of intolerance are beginning to emerge. Left unchecked, this could take us to a place where neither Leave nor Remain voters intended us to go.

"... In my 20 years of political activism, I cannot remember a time when we had such an unshared sense of who we are as a nation. Just four years ago, we stood together side by side as our nation hosted one of the most successful Olympics ever, our winning ticket being a message of openness, pride in our diversity and confidence in our place in the world. Mo Farah became a national hero, a young Somalian who had come to Britain as a refugee and grown up, like me, in Feltham, west London.

"I'd like to believe that a young Mo Farah would today have the same chances and be able to serve his country, But with the language currently heard around child refugees, it does make me wonder. We are a nation with a bigger heart and a bigger purpose. It’s not too late to correct the course we are on. But it has to start at the top. It has to start with Theresa May."

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