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[Reposted] County of London Plan (The year 1945: Ken was born, but Boris was just a Powerpoint presentation)

"The Blitz has cleared some sites and we must clear many more - but for what? Has the Blitz cleared our vision too, and made it possible to see what London might be?

"And if we can see this, shall we return ... to the same old wild activity of private speculation? ... The land speculator's boards are up..."
(Almost written with Brent Cross's Hammerson in mind.)

Link to 'London County Council' images,
which can be magnified to see more clearly.

"This report lists four defects: traffic congestion, depressed housing, inadequacy and maldistribution of open spaces, and, finally, the jumble of houses and industry.

"Other defects are 'the absence of coherent architectural treatment in recent rebuilding', and the unplanned development of the railways."

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