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Clitterhouse Farm Project

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"We are a diverse group who share a common interest in saving and restoring the historic Clitterhouse Farm buildings.

"Our mission is to transform the farm into a vibrant multi-use hub for imaginative community use, building social cohesion, and bringing local residents together through arts, culture, food growing, skill sharing, educational workshops and training. We want to engage the local youth population, combat social isolation and create employment opportunities.

"We aim to provide a compatible and flexible space relevant to the needs of the local population, and to create a tangible improvement to the area before, during and after the Brent Cross Cricklewood Regeneration."

December 2013 Appeal:
Barnet Council Planning Consultation:
Deadline – 6 December 2013

"The Clitterhouse Farm Buildings are situated within the Brent Cross Cricklewood Regeneration boundary. From our understanding, Barnet are proposing to demolish the existing historic farm buildings, to make way for a park depot and car parking. The Clitterhouse Farm Project team obviously oppose these existing plans, and are looking to have the demolition proposals shelved. 

"Barnet Council are currently consulting the public about changes to the planning permission granted to the regeneration scheme in 2010, and this provides us with an opportunity to make our views heard and to tell them that the farm buildings should be preserved and put back into community use. They are accepting comments until the 6th December, so time is running out to have your say.

"We were very successful at raising the profile of the farm at the developer’s consultation during the summer, and as a result they have expressed support for our ideas. However, it is important to keep the momentum going, and to make sure Barnet Council know that we don’t want the farm demolished. So please take a few minutes to make your voice heard.

"You must submit your comments at the link below…
…by 6 December 2013. The planning documents can be accessed online at www.brentcrosscricklewood.com.

[You can also email the Barnet planning officer with your views: Nicola.Capelli@barnet.gov.uk or post: Barnet Planning, Oakleigh Road South, N11 1NP
Do this by 6 December, and quote ‘C/17559/08’. You must  give a name and address, to count.]

"If you are short on time, can we suggest you use the paragraph below as a starting point. However, please don’t copy and paste the text in directly as Barnet will downgrade the comment to a petition and not a formal response. Please paraphrase and personalise your comments as much as possible.
“I do not support the demolition of the historic Clitterhouse Farm Buildings as outlined in the plans. I want the buildings to be conserved, renovated and transformed into as a multi-use community hub. The Farm buildings can provide a flexible space relevant to community needs, creating a focal point for local residents and a tangible improvement to the area, before, during and after the Brent Cross Cricklewood Regeneration. I support the work of the Clitterhouse Farm Project, and I urge Barnet Council to change the plans and protect this historic site from demolition.”

"The documents can also be viewed at the following locations set out below:
  • Barnet House Planning Reception, 1255 High Road, Whetstone, N20 0EJ. [Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 1.00pm, 2.00pm – 5.00pm.]
  • Childs Hill Library, 320 Cricklewood Lane, NW2 2QE
  • Hendon Library, The Burroughs, NW4 4BQ
  • Brent Cross Shopping Centre Management Suite, off Central Court. [Monday – Friday 10.00 am – 8.00 pm]."

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