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"Outer city settlement: reassessing the suburban situation of hampstead garden suburb"

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"Hampstead Garden Suburb is a quintessential English suburb, albeit in an unexpectedly fantastical Arts and Crafts mode. There are semi-detached houses, prim front lawns, lavish private back gardens, family cars on private driveways and a pervading daytime stillness that comes with a commuter population.

"However, this place has hidden qualities in its planning, architecture and history, which subtly affect the way it is experienced. Greener than expected, with each plot separated by a lush hedgerow; Hampstead Garden Suburb lives up to its name with neat topiary, overgrown hedges, and lines of trees all delineating ambitious garden spaces.

"... Hampstead Garden Suburb is stuck in time at a low density in a borough tasked with providing 31,000 new homes in the next 10 years. My project asks whether Barnet could start to address this while recovering Henrietta Barnet’s vision of a green and spacious suburb, designed for all, without pastiche or brutal shifts of scale." [Nope, it seemingly can't.]

An early plan.
(Note the intended route of the Northern Line,
before being diverted to Woodstock station (Brent Cross).

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