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Evening Standard: "Elephant & Castle shopping centre snapped up for £80m by Olympic Village developers with plans to build [...wait for it...] hundreds of flats"

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"South London’s notorious Elephant & Castle shopping centre - once famously painted bright pink to make it less depressing - has been sold to developers for £80m million.

"The concrete mall, which was built in the early Sixties and is surrounded by fast moving traffic, will be turned into hundreds of flats for rent.

"... The shopping centre, described by one commentator as 'one of London’s great architectural blunders', [Yeh, we know what you mean...] was built on a bomb site in one of the devastated areas of London and opened in 1965.

"It was planned as one of the first US-style enclosed malls of its kind in Europe, but always suffered from a poor image." [Yeh, we know what you mean...]

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