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Broken Barnet: "Sacred Ground, and a Savage Beauty: a return to West Hendon"

(West Hendon shares the same
'Supplementary Planning Framework' as Brent Cross.)

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"Mrs Angry has written a lot about the West Hendon 'regeneration', over the last year or so.

"... This development had been originally intended as a genuine act of regeneration, for the benefit of the residents of the council estate, but under the direction of the Tory council, here in Broken Barnet, has become something utterly different, a travesty of the idea of regeneration: a profit-driven luxury development on public land given away, in secret, to the developers for the token sum of £3.

"And those residents duped into agreeing the regeneration on the basis of being given new homes, and a better quality of life? They are being driven out of West Hendon: in some cases out of the borough."

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