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FMag: "Hammerson unveils new identity"

"The developer is unveiling its new brand identity, a logo marking the culmination of its decision taken in 2012 to refocus its business on commercial real estate. [Which is presumably why it contributes a net reduction in housing stock in Barnet, before it clears off.]

"In place of its previous brand identity, which was adopted in 2006, Hammerson has now substituted two white squares forming an invisible 'H'. The image 'is underpinned by its vision of creating leading retail destinations, where more happens for consumers, and retailers alike,' according to the company.

"Hammerson manages a network composed of 22 shopping centers and 22 retail parks, not to mention investments in 15 European outlets. The total represents 2.2 million sq ft of commercial property valued at around 10.4 billion euros (7.7 billion pounds). Its flagship project in France, the Terrasses du Port in Marseille, attracted 12 million visitors in its first year."

Hammerson's Brent Cross restaurant (bless)

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