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Questions to the Mayor: Can Hapless Hammerson manage widening the North Circular Road?

Navin Shah (21-May-2015):
Do you share the worries expressed at the TFL Finance & Policy Committee meeting of 22 January 2015 in handing over the implementation of some Brent Cross Phase One major road changes to developers?

What is the risk involved, and what is the worst case scenario?
The Mayor (21-May-2015):
The TfL Finance & Policy Committee (F&PC) considered the risks and reinforced the need for strong controls by TfL in relation to the developer delivering the works. The principal risk is of traffic congestion (during construction or when the new development is fully populated) reducing highway performance and bus service reliability. Other risks include default or performance issues on behalf of the developer, and the impact of wider integration with other TfL programmes.

To mitigate these risks a strong and capable Project Sponsor team has been established within TfL, as endorsed by F&PC. As the detailed Design Work progresses, the team is ensuring that TfL's requirements are clear and deliverable and give assurance, guidance and support to the developer. In later phases the team will further assure the delivery by the Developer, minimise disruption to transport services, and manage interfaces with related projects.

TfL, the London Borough of Barnet and Highways England will confirm the requirements in detail and embed these in the Section 278 Highways Act Agreements that the developer will need to adhere to in order to work on the public highways. This and other legal powers will give TfL effective capabilities to ensure satisfactory delivery, including step-in powers in the worst case of developer default.

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