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Barnet Times: "Dollis Valley Estate regeneration in High Barnet could begin by autumn" (We've heard that phrase before)

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"Plans to demolish a 1960s housing estate and build more than 600 ‘affordable’ homes have been submitted to Barnet Council.

"The Dollis Valley estate in High Barnet will be flattened as part of the regeneration, which was commissioned by the local authority, and building work could begin by the autumn."

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Barnet Press:
"Residents’ dismay at Dollis Valley redevelopment plans"

"John Davies ... in Mays Lane said:
“In Mays Lane it is almost impossible to find a parking space the majority of the time,” he said. “I have got an elderly mother who is in a wheelchair. We take her for the odd week and if I have to park three or four streets away it is going to be a nightmare.

"It is an overdevelopment. We are happy for Dollis Valley to be regenerated. It’s just that they are incorporating a much wider area. By the time they are finished the roads are going to be a nightmare."

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