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NewStart: "A history lesson in the future prosperity of our cities"

"Global economic change affected the growth paths of all cities over the course of the twentieth century. Some more than others. For some cities the legacy of the past still overshadows their economies today. 

"But the story of change in urban Britain also teaches us that cities are not prisoners of their past. The right investments can lead to big pay offs in the future.

"Centre for Cities’ new report, Cities Outlook 1901, explores the evolution of cities across Britain since the turn of the 20th century. It reveals how and why cities have changed over the long run to inform policy for the future."

Link to 'NewStart':
"East London:
Who’s gained from its growth?"

"New data maps the rapid growth in east London since 2001.
But with evidence that gentrification is pushing marginalised people
to the outskirts, who has gained from the millions of pounds
spent regenerating the area?"

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