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PPS: "Announcing The Future of Places Conference Series"

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"... The conference begins with the premise that the world is at a crossroads. 

"We have a choice: cities can continue to grow haphazardly, without regard to human social needs and environmental consequences, or we can embrace a sustainable and equitable process that builds community, enhances quality of life, and creates safe and prosperous neighborhoods.

"We are convinced that in the future, the cities that utilize the social capital-building potential of their public spaces to the fullest will be the ones with the most dynamic local economies.

"The Future of Places will survey the field, and map out a path to a more people-centered urban development model for the globalized future." 
[Rather knocks the unsustainable quick-profit plan of Hammerson and Standard Life Investments - aided by Barnet council - into a cocked hat, doesn't it?]

"Making a 'Great Place'
in New Jersey"

"While much of the effort has been on improving the design of streets,
sidewalks, and public spaces, the effort has been multi-dimensional.

Based on PPS’s recommendation, Mayor Elizabeth Baumgartner created
the Downtown Development Commission (DDC) in 1981, which took
the opportunity to involve all stakeholders, from landlords and merchants
to residents and the arts and non-profit communities – tapping into
the inherent passion of the 16,000 people who call the place home.

Playfully underlining the later feat, Davies adds,
“No one agreed with anybody
in 1981. Merchants thought that
the problem was with parking."

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