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"Battery-hen Britain: Britons now live in the smallest homes in western Europe with the average one-bed new-build the same size as a Tube carriage"

Link to Daily Mail (includes video)

"An average new one-bedroom flat has shrunk to the size of a Tube train carriage and is risking the health and family life of thousands who live in miserable 'cramped, dark' homes, experts said today.

"Developers bent on making more cash are now cramming a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom into just 46 square metres, research has found.

"This means that many are living in the same area taken by a Jubilee Line carriage in London, leaving residents to 'suffer' badly, according to Kevin McCloud, star of Grand Designs.

Overall, the average UK home is now 76 square metres, ten per cent smaller than 30 years ago, making British properties the tiniest in Western Europe.

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