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"Taking the car out of Corbusier: a car-free sector planned for Chandigarh"

Link to 'The Global Urbanist'

"Henrik Valeur presents a well-developed proposal to turn one neighbourhood or 'sector' in the modernist city of Chandigarh into a car-free area, and the confused behaviour of the authorities attempting to implement the idea."

"... The late architect Aditya Prakash, a member of the original design team for Chandigarh and later the first principal of Chandigarh College of Architecture, said:
"When I was young … we could still use the street for anything that we wanted including sleeping at night. We did not realise while planning urban space that the automobile would be the greatest devastator of a city."
"While Chandigarh was designed in the image of the 'modern' European city without much consideration for the qualities of the traditional Indian city, many European cities are now, without knowing it, trying to adopt the image of the traditional Indian city that Aditya talked about, with fewer cars and more human interaction and activities.

It may be one of the great tragedies of our time that despite all the means and opportunities, we are still not very good at learning from each other, one way or the other."

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