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A View from the Cycle Path: "All those myths and excuses in one post"

"Busting cycling myths is a part of what needs to happen if cycle campaigners are to campaign more effectively. Asking for half-measures won't do it. You need to ask for the best possible conditions for cycling if you want cycling to become a mass activity as it is in the Netherlands.

"Recently I've started to refer to these as 'myths and excuses', and included links to each type of 'excuse' on the View from the Cycle Path web site.

"Here they are again, with longer descriptions. Click [on the image above, and then] on the links provided there, either in or after each topic, to find the references for each statement:
  • Our streets are too narrow
  • Providing for cyclists is too expensive
  • Our population is too spread out
  • We have hills
  • Our distances are too great
  • It took decades in the Netherlands
  • It's because of the price of petrol/diesel
  • It's the weather
  • Cycle-paths are slow."
  • (plus many more have been added)

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