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"Regeneration in London has pushed poor families out"

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"Regeneration in London appears to be having some positive impacts: new developments have been built on sites that were once industrial, and long-term population decline has been reversed.

"Despite this, urban regeneration has both created and reproduced widening economic and social inequalities in the capital. The trickle-down benefits promised by regeneration schemes, that support of businesses would eventually benefit middle and lower income families, have not materialised.

"... London's regeneration has become little more than the private sector building expensive properties. More and more housing is being built on and around council estates, led by the government under the guise of the 'mixed communities policy'.

"... Local authorities in London must halt this process and pull back from property-led regeneration schemes that are widening inequalities across London and endangering the distinctive quality of life in the capital. Instead of bulldozing council estates, many of which are structurally sound, and building new so-called 'mixed income communities', they should be looking to refurbish existing property, keeping tenants in situ, and learning the lessons from the failures of urban renewal in the 1960s and 1970s."

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