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"London's new great-looking, low-energy 'green' homes" (At Brent Cross? No, Hammerson's getting out, and Barnet's not found anyone yet)

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"For decades, 'green' housing existed only on the margins of the property market, dismissed by the public as faddish and unreliable — the fixation of overzealous eco-architects. But attitudes have changed and eco-homes are entering the mainstream.

"... Developers no longer have the choice. Regulations insist on eco-friendly construction to meet the Government’s target for all new homes to be carbon-neutral by 2016: those who fail to rise to the challenge risk being refused planning permission."

"Since April 2008, all new developments have been covered by a code grading properties on a scale of one to six, using criteria such as water-saving features, on-site power generation and solar technology. Level six is the best, most 'sustainable', rating.

"Currently, most new homes are level three or four, which should guarantee at least 30 per cent cheaper fuel bills. Code six homes are rare — there are fewer than 20 in the UK and most are single houses, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change."

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