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"Mike Freer [MP for Brent Cross Retail Park & the Mutton Valley] calls police 'daft' and protesters 'numb-nuts' in email gaffe"

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"A Tory MP’s attempt to placate a group of protesters camped outside his office backfired, after he copied them in on an email in which called [sic] them 'numb-nuts', and branded the police as 'daft'.

"No comment"
"... In an email to office colleagues, that was apparently sent to the protesters by accident, he wrote:
"I am mightily peed off at the Police. I feel like sending the bill to the Commissioner, saying your fat advice landed us with the [baliff's] bill. Of course this will inhibit every other demo, as we will simply refuse to allow anyone onto our property."
"... A Met Police spokesman said it would not be commenting on the email."

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