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The Guardian: "From Aberdeen's rugged Gallowgate, to the castle-like crown of Harlow's Bishopsfield, the Observer's architecture critic Rowan Moore chooses his favourite council estates"

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"This is dangerous territory, choosing the ten best council estates. Best architecturally or socially? The two, notoriously, are often not linked and as it's beyond the scope of this list to undertake a social survey of all the estates in the country, it will lean towards the architectural.

Byker Wall (above), however, strove to be both. Ralph Erskine set up his office in the area, and invited future residents to drop in and say what they wanted. [Funny. The Brent Cross developers have never done that.] It also has purpose-designed details, such as letterboxes and garden gates and pioneering energy-saving techniques. It was hit by the effects of industrial decline in the 1980s, but is now recovering."

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