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"Property: The Chinese invasion has only just begun." (The Hammerson unwanted wasteland is up the A41 and turn right at the North Circular. Can't miss it. Look for tumble-weed.)

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"Yesterday, China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, completed a deal for his company, Dalian Wanda, to build a 670-foot skyscraper in Nine Elms. On Monday, Hong Kong billionaire Henry Cheng Kar-shun paid £230 million to Quintain for the remaining 60% stake in 147 acres of land on the Greenwich Peninsula. The Chinese are no longer coming. They have arrived — in the face of a great deal of scepticism from UK developers who weren’t interested in the two south-of-the-river deals.

"But London looks very different when you stand in Tiananmen Square rather than Grosvenor Square. That’s the view of a British property sector expert, just back from China:
"UK developers see things in London simply in terms of 'What’s it going to cost? Can we make a 20% profit in five years?'." [Yep.]

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