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PPS: "What if we built our communities around places?"

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"Placemaking is the process through which we collectively shape our public realm to maximize shared value. [Tell that to Hammerson!] Rooted in community-based participation, Placemaking involves the planning, design, management and programming of public spaces.

"More than just creating better urban design of public spaces, Placemaking facilitates creative patterns of activities and connections (cultural, economic, social, ecological) that define a place and support its ongoing evolution. Placemaking is how people are more collectively and intentionally shaping our world, and our future on this planet.

"With the increasing awareness that our human environment is shaping us, Placemaking is how we shape humanity’s future. While environmentalism has challenged human impact on our planet, it is not the planet that is threatened but humanity’s ability to live viably here. Placemaking is building both the settlement patterns, and the communal capacity, for people to thrive with each other and our natural world."

"... The concepts behind Placemaking originated in the 1960s, when visionaries like Jane Jacobs and William H. Whyte (who was the editor of Fortune Magazine that got Jacobs to write 'Death and Life of Great American Cities') offered groundbreaking ideas about designing cities that catered to people, not just to cars and shopping centers."

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