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20 August: Brent Planning Committee considers ERUV

Link to Brent Planning web site
(ref: 14/1252)

"Installation of 0.5mm clear nylon wire spans between poles in 14 locations within the London Borough of Brent (and additional ones in adjacent boroughs) to complete a notional 'enclosure' (as defined in Jewish law) so as to ease Sabbath observance for non-ambulant persons and their carers" 

Link to two Westminster documents
(ref: 14/06739/OBS)

Link to Ham & High:
"Jewish Eruv plans would see poles and fishing wire
erected in West Hampstead and Swiss Cottage"

Link to Wood & Vale (2012):
"Peter Leaver, St John’s Wood Society chairman, says
he resents being labelled as xenophobic for opposing the eruv:
'I do not see why anyone who is against the eruv should be
stigmatised as a xenophobe or anti-semitic or both,'
said the West London Synagogue member"

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