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Better than arrogant and corrupt London Borough of Barnet:- Design Council: "How Hackney became London’s most liveable borough"

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"The graph below illustrates the change that has occurred in the past decade in the way that Hackney residents commute. If those who run to the bus or walk to the station are included then over 87% of Hackney commuters are active travellers!

"But how has this remarkable change happened? There have been no Superhighways or Superwalkways, no grand project.

"In a nutshell, Hackney has taken a lead from Jan Gehl, the Danish Urbanist, whose simple message for a liveable city is to 'create a better balance between cycling and walking and motor vehicles'.

These are some of the changes that were implemented in Hackney. Many on their own would seem insignificant and go unnoticed, but cumulatively add up to the transformation of Hackney as a place where people want to work, rest and play. It's the transformation that had made Hackney London's most liveable borough."

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