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London Tenants Newsletter, July 2014: "Report from West Hendon Residents Association, Barnet"

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(PDF; page 2)

"For nearly 15 years our residents’ association has challenged and campaigned against the so-called regeneration plans for our estate, at both the local and London-wide level.

"Demolition of 680 council homes, including 23 freehold homes, and construction of 2,149 new homes is planned. More than two-thirds (1,500) are to be luxury homes in blocks of up to 29 storeys high.

"We have raised social and environmental concerns and have consistently argued that the only beneficiaries of this ‘regeneration’ are wealthy incomers, at the expense of existing residents.

"The key attractions of our estate for the new, wealthy penthouse dwellers that the council wants to bring in are:
  • the estate is situated just 5-10 minutes from Hendon train station and then only 15 minutes to St Pancras, and
  • the estate is adjacent to the Welsh Harp, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is a valuable wildlife habitat for breeding water birds and rare birds (250 different types), butterflies, bats, dragonflies, newts and more."

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