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Don't think for one minute that Hammerson executives aren't capable of important, creative and intelligent press releases. Oh, no. Don't think that for one minute. No siree!

"The selfie is dead - long live the 'ph-oodie'"


"An in-depth study of Hammerson's social media feeds proves that the selfie is on the way out, and is being replaced by a new major trend - the ph-oodie.

"The phoodie, an amalgamation of 'photo' and the popular tag 'foodie', is an individual who religiously snaps their food exploits, and then shows off their tasty treats across their social media feeds to friends and followers. [They have friends?]

"Hammerson, who own and manage some of the UK's best-loved shopping centres including Bullring and Brent Cross, discovered the phoodie trend by looking at the social media channels across its UK portfolio. The analysis saw that more than half of the photographs uploaded on social media were now of food, surpassing fashion for the first time.

"Hammerson also mapped a host of other trends; for example, the item UK phoodies love to show off most is the humble burger, however, the single most popular dish was Wagamama's Katsu Curry, meaning that it now could be trumping the classic korma as the UK's most popular meal.
Starbucks is the brand that achieved the most social media mentions, with the coffee chain dominating 65 per cent of uploads.  Our obsession with getting our caffeine hit could also link to the fact that the biggest spike in phoodie uploads came at 11am, with dinner time surprisingly being low down on the list.

"Regionally, there are also some distinct trends; the Birmingham phoodie is an American aficionado, with Krispy Kreme and Ed's Easy Diner being the most popular dining spots for Bullring [sic] customers. In London, however, most Brent Cross shoppers preferred to upload snaps of their delights from Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Lola's Cupcakes.

"Sophie Ross, Group Head of Multichannel at Hammerson commented:
"I've lost the will to live. [Oh no, she didn't say that. What she did say was:] Although our retail destinations are well known for their fashion credentials, we started to notice that our social media feeds were dominated by food, hence why [tautology] we have coined the new tribe of social media uploaders 'the phoodies' [it was a quiet day].

We were very surprised by some of the results; we are extremely busy in the evenings with our superb dining offering, but it seems that our customers use 11am as their most prevalent time to post on social media as they treat themselves with coffees, cupcakes and sweet treats."

Notes to Editors 

Hammerson own and manage 11 major shopping centres in the UK, including Brent Cross in North London, Bullring, Birmingham, Victoria Quarter in Leeds and The Oracle in Reading. Hammerson also owns 22 retail parks and is an investor in nine premium designer outlet villages across Europe including Bicester Village.

For further information please contact:
Catrin Sharp, Group Head of Media
+ 44 (0)20 7887 1063

"Frank PR? Catrin here. What's that load of £$%^&* you've given us? We're being ridiculed here. Yes ridiculed! Call yourself a PR outfit? I've heard better PR from Genghis Khan."

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